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Emily Duff
July 5 2015

as an artist and a parent with two young children I am finding the impact of electronic devices akin to the destruction of society, culture and art as I know and love it. while i have been involved with technology and the internet since 1998 i am a luddite and fear that if we don't harness and redefine the positive aspects and discard the detrimental and potentially disastrous, putting devices in their proper places as a tool and nothing more, we will have lost our way as emotionally & creatively connected humans. to be continued.....
Nigel R Mitchell
June 20 2015
I am not a luddite and make use of technology but I do not let it run my life, the "eddiction" that we witness on a daily basis, is due to a little more than technology running our lives. I believe it is more to do with a rejection of the real world and a feeling of impotency towards real change from a society ran by sociopaths and narcissists. I do find it increasingly easier to meditate when away from society and it's technological control system. I often fantasize about an awakening of consciousness and a realization of who we are and what we are truly capable of. I believe we all live in a controlled system of interchangeable Master/Servant that allows the greedy to manipulate those who are unaware and asleep. The true path for me is through kindness and love. I have been warned that that could mean me witnessing the death of many friends who are trapped in an endless cycle of war and hate. I acknowledge that as a possible outcome. I prefer to believe in our infinite and ever evolving awareness of all possibilities. I think we are on the cusp of a monumental change in human interaction, where we take on our true mantel and flip the "war and hate" society and embrace the love and peace. If I did not truly believe that, I would observe a very dejected and regressive world. I would join with those who seemingly have "given up or given in" those who stare endlessly at there phones in hope of a savior or someone to intercede and do not even see their own reflection in their device as being the very person who could exact the change they are hoping for.
Thusly, love and peace are my weapons.
Nigel R Mitchell


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