Hi my name is Jonny and I'm eddicted.

The drug I'm eddicted to only lasts for a few seconds, and then I want more. I take it through the eyes, as the drug works by me seeing it. I have a pretty high tolerance for it, so I dose a lot- probably every 5-10 minutes.

I dose at home, at work. I dose when I'm out to dinner or at a movie. Everyone I know doses. Children, old people, every race and religion and nationality, every gender identity and political persuasion- they all are just as eddicted as me if not more. All over the world, all day every day.

Dosing creates euphoria, the exact same euphoria we get when we eat delicious food, make money, or have sex. It's just so good, nobody can stay away.

Our surroundings stopped mattering when we started dosing...but it doesn't matter because when we dose we're accesssing all of the knowledge of the whole world.

I carry my doser wherever I go so I can dose the second I find myself alone. Or bored. I'll even dose in traffic I'm so eddicted, putting people's lives at risk. But that's what everybody does, it's so hard not to.

Most of us don't think it's a problem. People get their children dosing while they're still in their diapers. It's so hypnotic that a child needs their parents less and less, and it gives parents more time to dope. Being a parent used to be hard work!

But it's not my fault, not your fault. Dosing is more powerful than we humans can handle. Plus it's a runaway money train that no one wants to stop. People are making absurd amounts of money from dealing us dope! Why would they want to stop?